Finding Respondents

PMcR ResearchPMcR Research in Parsippany, NJ has a large consumer and medical professional databases to find you the best respondents.

We maintain the most complete and updated consumer databases.
Our consumer database consists of all key socioeconomic data and health related information on over 50,000 families.
Our highly-trained, closely-supervised interviewing staff gets the job done. Our interviewing staff averages over 8 years of interviewing experience. Our staff is the key to our success.

Updated and monitored daily, our database systems allow us to profile and then select desired respondent groups. You are assured of having accurately and efficiently screened groups.

We maintain a complete respondent history and adhere to strict eligibility rules so you ll not hear from the same respondent again unless you want to hear from them.

We offer comprehensive medical interviewing experience.

PMcR maintains proprietary medical databases. Our databases include full professional history, interviewing history and professional status on state licensed doctors in both the metro and surrounding county areas.

The databases are constantly being monitored both through routine usage and semi-annual updates with state medical boards.

Combining these databases, with our sophisticated in-house developed software, yields the most accurate, efficient and timely interviewing and screening available in these markets.

National coverage.
PMcR prides itself on its medical research expertise. In addition to its in-house local database, PMcR maintains a national database of over 100,000 medical professionals. Whether it is national telephone interviewing, interview setups or teleconferences set-up throughout the United States we can react quickly to your needs.